Agricultural Services

General agricultural service form the vast proportion of our work.  We are able to fully support the farmer throughout the year in a range of farming services from cultivation to harvest, and sowing to mowing.

The following examples are possibly the most common but are not exhaustive, therefore if your particular requirement does not appear here please enquire as we probably do support it.

Farming services:

  • Full Farm Contracts
  • Stubble to Stubble
  • Ploughing
  • Cultivations
  • Variable Rate Fertiliser and Lime application
  • Sowing
  • Combining
  • Mowing
  • Baling
  • Baling and wrapping
  • Silage
  • Muck-spreading


Hedge CuttingIn addition to the above we also provide a range of subsidiary service, not restricted to the agricultural industry but also in support of the domestic, civil and industrial industries.


Subsidiary services:

  • Sale and delivery of Lime
  • Soil sampling, field mapping and analysis (in conjunction with Soyl)
  • Hedge and Verge cutting for Estates, Landowners and Local Authorities
  • Snow clearance

Essentially, if we have the equipment and capacity and we are confident of carrying out the task in a professional manner then we will be glad to help.  Simply enquire and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.


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